Some Basic Bathroom Terms Explained

A bathroom (sometimes called a washroom, bathroom or lavatory), is the place where many individuals go for personal hygiene related activities. This includes use of the bathroom, washing their hands, brushing their teeth, taking a shower, make a bath or even take a shower. The bathroom may also include a sink, sometimes called a “feed basin,” vanity unit, hair basin or “shower basin,” towel or face basin and waste pipe. There are usually doors or windows in the bathroom to allow natural light in the bathroom while bathing or showering.

Bathrooms that are most common in households are located in the master bedroom or living room. In most North American homes today, the typical bathroom is a combination of a bath and shower, usually with a sink attached to it. The tub is located in the corner of the bathroom. Bathtubs are typically freestanding structures, while shower baths are typically attached to the wall behind the tub. Shower baths are also called whirlpool baths and have a massaging jets set into the water that helps to relieve sore muscles and stress.

Bathrooms are usually divided into at least three-quarters and often into more than three-quarters depending on the size of the house. The three-quarters bathroom is the standard sized bathroom in most homes today, including apartments or condominiums. The three-quarters bathroom is not only a good size for a family or couple’s bathroom, but it is also a good size for a studio bathroom. It is typically where you will find the majority of bathrooms, including a bar for the convenience of having your drinks at hand while bathing or showering.

The two other common terms when talking about bathrooms include toileting and washrooms. Toileting is the process of cleaning up after yourself and/or your family, which can be done while using the restroom. A public toilet is something that is designed for the convenience of the general public, such as parks and other public places. The washrooms that are found in hotels, doctors’ offices, prisons and other public buildings are typically called public toilets. This term is also used by many people when referring to a place to get your hair cut or styled.

The inks that are used in bathrooms are typically round or square in shape. Sinks are of many different types and materials. You will commonly find the stainless steel sink, the cast iron sink, the porcelain sink and the ceramic sink. The ceramic type is considered to be one of the easiest to maintain and clean, making it the most popular type of sink to use in a bathroom.

One of the biggest issues that people tend to have with their toilets is that there are always stains and other types of problems that can occur due to the buildup of grease and grime on the sink and/or the basin of the toilet. If you need to clean up a spill, you will typically need to use a paper towel or an absorbent piece of paper towels to blot up the spill and prevent further contamination. As far as sinks are concerned, there are usually different types of sinks that one can choose from including the vessel sink, the sloper sink, the single basin sink and the double basin sink.

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