Interior Design – An Exciting Profession

Interior Design is the science and art of improving the interior of an existing building to create a happier and healthier environment for those who use the space. An interior designer is a person who plans, researches and coordinates these improvement projects. He or she uses many different disciplines, including architectural principals, psychology, aesthetics, construction principles, real life problems and many other others. In order to be qualified as an interior designer, a degree in Interior Design is required along with several years of relevant experience. The design process involves planning, designing, implementing and controlling the elements of architecture and interior decorating. These professionals must be imaginative, creative, detail-oriented, highly organized, and able to work under great time pressure.

Interior design has many subcategories such as environmental design, kitchen and bath design, furniture design, carpet design, flooring and wall coverings, lighting, art and craft design and many others. As mentioned earlier, interior design professionals need to plan, implement and control the elements of architecture and interior decorating. They are usually responsible for designing spaces that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers can have a variety of careers, but the most common ones include architectural/places planning, constructional design, healthcare design, hospitality design, interior architecture, and home development. Interior decoration is becoming one of the fastest growing fields and employs several hundred people worldwide.

Interior design can be applied to almost any industry. It was used during the Renaissance era and then gradually became an industry. With the invention of new machines and furniture firms began mass production and specialization in particular areas, like house and building construction, kitchens and baths, furniture manufacturing and interior decoration. Interior decoration has become an essential component of business and home development.

Today, the interior design has become a highly skilled profession. Though there are people who take up this profession as a part time activity, most of the graduates in this field choose to set up their own firms or work with various clients. Graduates who want to specialize in interior architecture often opt for MBA programs and obtain accreditation. The interior designer’s profession is a rapidly growing area, with great opportunities available both inside the country and abroad.

Interior design encompasses a wide variety of specializations. These include landscape architecture, building science and sustainability, health care design, interior architecture and environmental management. A few specializations in interior design encompass film and video, fashion and art, lighting and furnishings. Interior designers also deal with construction issues, which include site assessment, contract preparation, foundation planning, building maintenance and safety and resource management. In addition, the interior designers are involved in client services and provide a number of services, such as technical support, consultation, training and education.

The career opportunities for individuals in the interior design profession are very good, with the need for professionals increasing by the day. Graduates with MBAs can look forward to a long and exciting career in the interior designing industry. In fact, today there are many educational institutions that offer interior design training to individuals interested in breaking into this profession. Interior design can prove to be a very lucrative profession, as the demand for interior space planning and design keeps on increasing.

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