How To Get The Most From Home Lighting

Do you have a home that is becoming a little on the old side? It may just need a new coat of paint, or some updating to the electrical wiring, but you know that a home that looks old and run-down doesn’t sell very well. And even if you do have an older home, one of the most common selling points is the sense of warmth and comfort that it brings to a house. If you are trying to sell a home that’s not selling because of what’s wrong with it now, there are still many ways to make the inside of your home look great without spending a bundle. In fact, if you keep some simple design tips in mind, you can update your home without spending much money, too.

One simple thing that you can do to update your home without spending much money is install some newer, smarter lights. There is much to be said for having a whole-house integrated lighting set-up, which includes advantages such as automatic holiday-lights that help make it seem like you are home while you are actually away, the fun (and amusing) novelty of white-colored light-emitting diodes, and the convenient convenience of easily turning all the lights off with just a single command as you head off to sleep… And don’t forget that the whole house is lit by motion sensors, so you won’t have to leave the room to switch on or off the lights in each individual room. Zigbee smart lights are among the newest of these integrated light sets, and you will find that they offer you plenty of options. You can find small, accent lights that can be placed on the ceiling or throughout the room, large floor lamps that add a touch of stylish elegance, and ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants.

If you have high ceilings or rooms that are extremely high from floor to ceiling, you can benefit from some smart-as-you-go (SAR) fixtures. These are often available in styles such as recessed, semi-recessed, fully recessed, and more. What they lack in wattage they make up for in their strength in illumination and their overall durability. For instance, a recessed lamp with an LED, halogen, or fluorescent bulb will give you brighter light than a standard lamp. They are also less likely to throw off when there are physical obstacles in the way, such as rugs or other low-hanging objects, so you can place them wherever you need them without worrying about damaging your ceiling or tripping over anything.

For those who need a little bit more from their lights than basic ambient, task, and accent lighting, there are Smart Switch sockets that will provide you with more flexibility and features than any other switch or socket. For example, they will have a touch-screw feature that allows you to adjust brightness and automatically switch the lights on or off without using a finger. You can also use dimmers on these switches to control how bright or dark the light is, regardless of whether it is in your home or office. Finally, most will come with temperature control settings so you can set your lights according to the room temperature.

For those who need accent lighting for a specific area or corner of a room, there are under-cabinet and task lighting solutions for you. These types of lights will not cast a wide, circular beam like regular flush mounts, but they do offer a much more focused beam that will minimize glare and keep you from accidentally hitting your knees if you are standing too close to the light. Many people choose under-cabinet lights for this kind of application because they are flush mounted and can be easily adjusted, while task lamps are usually mounted in the ceiling.

As you can see, there are a wide range of options when it comes to new lighting for your home or business. There are traditional, contemporary, mission-style, retro, art Deco, Tiffany style, tropical, and dozens more. There are even lights that can be powered by the sun’s energy to save you money on your utilities.

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