Flooring refers to the act of laying down a solid surface to serve as a floor for rooms or buildings. It may also be used to describe the process of laying down the concrete slabs to create a floor. Flooring can be of many different types, each having different characteristics,Continue Reading

A floor is actually the base surface of a structure or vehicle. Flooring differs from concrete in many ways, such as durability and material. Concrete floors are durable because they are strong and do not break or crack easily. But concrete is not an ideal flooring material for outdoor applications.Continue Reading

Hardwood floors, whether laminate or wood, are an extremely popular choice throughout homes of all styles, from formal dining rooms to modern apartment complexes. This timeless, durable floor choice is a top favorite for both its practicality and great appearance, bringing a sense of warmth and character to living rooms,Continue Reading

The interior of your home is subject to endless styling and decorating ideas. It can be quite challenging to choose the right interior design scheme for your home. A mistake in interior design can create a very uninviting interior. This is because the first impression about your home is basedContinue Reading

The interior design process starts with floor plans. These or 3 dimensional drawings illustrate the location of walls and doors, their position, height, and direction of view. While interior design drawings highlight the general layout of a house as a whole, floor plan maps show different interior elements like kitchenContinue Reading