Bathroom Vanities, Toilets and Other Modern Bathroom Accessory Ideas

A bathroom or washroom is usually a room, usually in a residential dwelling or other commercial building, which contains a bath or a shower attached. The addition of a shower is very common. These days people are adding both a bath and a shower to their homes for more convenience and privacy. Some people like to have separate spaces for these purposes, so they do not have to share.

The word” toile” means the lavatory, and an “en-suite” are an en-suite apartment, although today many of them are available separately). There are different ways you can decorate your bathroom depending on your preference and the look you are going for. Traditionally a bathroom contained a potter’s wheel, a privy, a basin, a tap, a toilet, and sometimes a separate shower area. The term “toile” has developed to describe any space in a house used for personal care purposes only.

The earliest type of toilet in use was a one-piece unit, usually made of porcelain or pottery, with a flat bottom that rolled back into the hole left by the wheel. The first type of enclosure was an over-the-shoulder design that did not have a seat but rather a back rest attached to the wall. A cover, made of cloth or tapestry, would be placed on top to protect it. The original designs were functional but now a modern bathroom can include all types of fixtures. Most bathrooms these days have at least one, sometimes several, vanity units. The modern “toile” fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are either a one-piece unit that hides the plumbing, or they are incorporated into a larger unit such as a pedestal or shower bench.

The older styles of toilet, the “toile” fixtures, did not feature a seat or back. Instead, two separate fixtures, often hidden away behind a wall mounted shelves, were meant to sit on the floor. These two fixtures would sit side by side, with the back of the first installed over the sholder sitting above the opening to the shower stall and the other below the shower door. The two separate fixtures would either sit directly over the tub or, if the bathroom had a back opening, they could be placed toward the shower door for easier access. The two separate fixtures could either sit on the floor or on a shelf that ran from wall to wall.

In modern times the two-piece bathroom fixture has been simplified, but many people retain their old-fashioned style. This type of bathroom still has the two fixtures that sit on the floor, but they are now a quarter inch apart so they can be reached by a child without knocking the whole stall down! Some newer versions of this type of toilet feature a seat that rolls out from the wall behind the toilet. These newer “seats” can be locked and unlocked just like the older units, and there is usually a push button switch to turn them on or off. Of course, you can also find units that have an outlet on the wall next to the toilet rather than a shelf.

Adding a new toilet, bath or vanity can change the look of your bathroom dramatically. Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars updating their bathrooms when they add a room containing a toilet, bath or vanity. The effect of adding one of these modern conveniences can make any older home seem outdated.

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