Bathroom Door Choices

Decorating a bathroom presents many challenges that make selecting a bath door difficult. Most bathrooms are usually very small, so most homeowners only have to worry about the size, placement, and the direction in which it needs to swing open. However, it is important that the door does not block bathroom utilities like the toilet, sink, or vanity. In addition, you want the door to open easily without having to struggle or make a loud noise. The door is also functional and it is important to match the style of the room with the style of the bath door.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a bath door. The first consideration is the amount of space available for the door. Bathroom doors come in many different sizes and shapes. You want to find a door which will allow access but not be so large that it overwhelms the room. Another consideration is whether you will be replacing your existing doors or building a new bathroom from scratch. If you are replacing your current doors, you may want to select a door which has a mirror installed.

There are many unconventional alternatives to standard bathroom door hardware. If you have a contemporary bathroom, one of the trends appearing lately is to install a mirrored medicine chest. Mirrors can give bathrooms a vintage look and Mirrors are the most inexpensive way to accessorize your bathroom. However, if your bathroom is modern then a simple chrome bar stool with a chrome seat and mirror is more contemporary than a mirror and barstool combination. One of the most unconventional solutions for a bathroom is to use a fiberglass or acrylic bath door instead of a wooden or acrylic swing door. This solution is gaining popularity with families who want to create an independent entryway to the patio or deck while still keeping in with the design of their homes.

Bathroom glass doors feature many advantages over other solutions. For one, they are available in a wide range of colors and textures including polished, distressed, frosted, beveled and baked-on finishes. They can also be designed as part of the construction of the home or purchased pre-fabricated. And, unlike some other construction methods, the cost of glass doors is usually less per square foot.

Another option, although not particularly common, is the use of “beaded” glass. A bead door is like a traditional French door except it consists of numerous tiny windows. The windows are typically made of clear glass but there are also those with tinted glass options as well. Typically, a bead door will work better with a white painted wall and should not be installed against a colored wall. Additionally, this type of bathroom door can work better with larger tubs and should not be installed too close to the bathtub area.

Lastly, another option for your bathroom is the installation of “pocket doors.” Pocket doors are actually just two-wall units that hang on hinges from the inside of your bathroom. In many cases, these units will require the removal of existing wallpaper and a waterproof liner. However, this option will work much better with smaller bathrooms where you do not want a door that juts out into the room. In addition, if your bathroom is not being finished in the typical barn style of molding, pocket doors will work better

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